7 simple steps in making reservations.

  1. Like any other business transactions, the process begins with a customer who wants to one or more rooms. The customer just needs to navigate to www.thecromwellcourtyardhotel.com/reservatons and select the number of days he will be staying in our Courtyard.
  2. The Make Reservation page displays a reservation form which include:
    1. Select Departure Date (From) / Arrival Date (To) hotel. When using “Multiple rooms” option, select all the room type in accordance with the room selected. (The booking engine does not allow reservations for more than 6 rooms per booking).
    2. Select number of occupants for each room.
    3. Press the Check Availability button.
  3. The Review page displays your reservation details which include:
    1. number of rooms.
    2. Avaliable room type.
    3. rooms prices.
    4. rooms price details for number of days selected.
    5. total cost.
    6. Press the Go To Checkout button..
  4. The Place Booking page displays your reservation details and total cost.
    1. To complete your profile fill in the fields related to your personal information (all fields are mandatory).
    2. Fill in your full name.
    3. Fill in your email.
    4. Fill in your phone number.
    5. Check the terms and condition checkbox.
    6. Press the Pay by debit or credit cad by globalpay button.
  5. On the Globaypay payment gateway page.
    1. Select preffered card type (mastercard, visa or verve).
    2. Press the Make Payment button.
  6. On this page you should enter your card details.
    1. Card Number.
    2. Expiry Date of card.
    3. Security code of card.
    4. Press the PAY button to make payment.
  7. Check the confirmation. Make sure all the information is correct. If not, contact the online agency or hotel immediately to correct the information. Print out a copy of the confirmation or at least write down the confirmation number. You will need it to make any changes and possibly to check in.